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Protective Coatings & Admixtures

Protective Coatings & Admixtures

The protective coatings & admixtures from the company provide have proved very useful: The protective coating offered by the company is:


  • K COAT/K COAT A - is protective, decorative and anti-carbonation coating. This protective coating chemical allows surface to breathe with high degree of elasticity. The mentioned protective coating chemical is available in different colours.



Krishna range of admixtures is:



  • K CRETE SPA - is a high range water reducer cum plasticizer.
  • K CRETE SPR 14 - is a high range, water reducing retarding plasticizer.
  • K CRETE W - is chloride based accelerating plasticizer for PCC work. This admixture increases strength and accelerates setting time. These admixtures are ideal for hollow blocks, concrete bricks and pavement block manufacturing.


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