ES 100 Sports Seating

Our ES 100 sports seating is made of injected polypropylene with double inner wall in the backrest in order to offer utmost strength. Our designers are highly skilled with experience at making sports seating, and design them for high performance use in sports stadiums and centres including outdoor and indoor facilities. Integral part of EURO SEATING sports seating services is ensuring and providing smooth running of projects.

Dimensions: 46-52 cm seat centres
                    40/45/48 cm depth
                    35.5 cm height


We strive to be our client’s partner of choice. So we provide ES 100 seats that are texturized, injected with polypropylene. The backrest of these seats is made up of a double internal wall to offer higher resistance and superior aesthetics.


We are committed to understanding your needs and our ES 100 sports seats have three fixation points directed to the floor that are obscured by means of caps. When the seats rest on the floor, front part flushes with the stands.

Liquids Discharge:

We exceed our client’s expectations in every way. Our seats are manufactured with a central hole in the back part and thus help to avoid the accumulation of liquids in the seat. Cleaning and drying would be the major advantage of this liquid discharge.

Volume: 0.026 m³

Weight: 2.00 Kg

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