The National Thoroughbred League Establishes New Headquarters in Las Vegas

6 December 2023

The National Thoroughbred League (NTL) is excited to announce a groundbreaking decision that is set to redefine the landscape of sports entertainment. After careful consideration and thorough evaluation, NTL has chosen Las Vegas as the new home marking a pivotal moment in the league's history.

The move to Las Vegas reflects NTL's commitment to innovation, growth, and providing an unparalleled experience for our fans. Renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, world-class facilities, and passionate sports culture, Las Vegas emerges as the ideal destination to elevate NTL's presence on the national stage.

Key Highlights of the Move:

  • Thriving Sports Culture: Las Vegas has established itself as a sports hub, with an enthusiastic and diverse fan base. The move aligns NTL’s vision to engage with passionate communities and create memorable experiences for horse racing enthusiasts.
  • Strategic Partnerships: The relocation to Las Vegas opens doors to exciting collaboration opportunities with sponsors and sports betting companies. NTL is eager to build strong partnerships that will contribute to the success of the league and the Las Vegas sports scene.
  • Enhanced Fan Engagement: Las Vegas offers a unique blend of entertainment options, creating an environment where fans can immerse themselves in the excitement of NTL events.

"We are thrilled to announce the relocation of NTL to the vibrant city of Las Vegas. This move represents a strategic decision to align our league with a community that shares our passion for sports and entertainment. Las Vegas provides an extraordinary platform for NTL to thrive, with a depth of talent in sports wagering and event management," said NTL President Tom Ludt.

About The National Thoroughbred League

The National Thoroughbred League (NTL) is a first-of-its-kind racing league reimagining America’s oldest spectator sport by creating a team-based professional sports league, by consistently and safely running exceptional horses. The NTL is a lifestyle, allowing fans the chance to root for the same stars month after month, year after year in these three race competitions, creating rivalries for generations to come. Co-founded by Randall Lane, Forbes’ Chief Content Officer and a long-time events creator, and Robert Daugherty, a leading American investor and educator.

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