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Schutt Sports Signs Multi-Year Distribution Agreement with Zamst

Monday, Nov 19, 2018

Schutt Sports has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Nippon Sigmax Co. LTD, securing the sales and distribution rights for the Zamst product line throughout North America. The deal is a multiple year agreement that takes effect January 1, 2019.

Zamst offers a full line of premium injury prevention and protection sports bracing and support products, featuring anatomically correct designs, high performance materials and superior construction.

“The technical superiority and design of Zamst braces and other products are the primary reasons why elite athletes like Von Miller, Steven Adams, Ryan Getzlaf, Melissa Arnot Reid and many others worldwide choose to use Zamst to enhance their performance and protect their careers,” said Kip Meyer, General Manager of Schutt Sports. “Advanced technology, design and innovative materials have always been a hallmark of Schutt Sports and this amazing product line from Zamst will find a worthy home with us.”

Zamst was founded in 1992 by Nippon Sigmax Co., Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan, a leader in the Japanese orthopedics market. The company leveraged its strong medical expertise to build sports bracing products that maximize anatomical functionality and performance.

“For the last 25+ years, Zamst has been a dominant force in the sports medicine category, creating technically advanced products that enhance athletes’ lives and improve their performance,” said Hajime Takada, Director of Zamst Global Business Division. “We are ready to expand our business in North America and our partnership with Schutt will allow us to quickly scale up our presence and continue to redefine injury prevention and protective sports bracing.”

Schutt Sports is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of protective sports equipment, including football helmets, shoulder pads and accessories, along with batters helmets and catchers gear. With a sales network of over 3000 dealers and reps entrenched in the market place, Schutt will provide instant access to millions of potential customers.

“The team dealer network, which is the backbone of our distribution model, will be a significant advantage for the Zamst product line,” said Meyer. “Our dealers and road men already have strong relationships in every locker room in the country and now they’ll have an entirely new line of incredible products to show coaches and athletes.”

Schutt plans to introduce the new product lines to its dealer network and make it available to customers in the first quarter of 2019.

About Schutt Sports

Schutt Sports is one of the leading manufacturers of protective equipment in the world, including football helmets, shoulder pads, protective apparel and padding, and much more. 36% of the players in the NFL choose to wear Schutt helmets, including 50% of the skill position players in the league. Schutt Sports is the only major helmet manufacturer to advance beyond traditional foam padding, instead using TPU (thermoplastic urethane) Cushioning, which has been proven to absorb more impact across a wider variety of temperatures than any other helmet system on the field. Schutt Sports is also the Official Base Supplier to Major League Baseball and is the largest domestic maker of batters helmets in the USA.

About Zamst

Zamst is a market-leading brand that reinforces and protects athletes by providing a full line of premium bracing and support products derived from innovative materials, designs and manufacturing processes. Trusted for over 25 years by elite athletes, Zamst continuously evolves to become the most authentic sports medicine and wellness brand in the industry. Zamst is a division of the NIPPON SIGMAX Co., Ltd (Tokyo, JAPAN) with privately held, wholly owned subsidiary corporations, SIGMAX AMERICA (Irvine, CALIFORNIA) and SIGMAX CHINA (Shanghai, PRC). For more information, call toll free 877-ZAMST-US (877-926-7887) or visit

Contact for Schutt Sports:
Glenn Beckmann, Director of Marketing Communications / 217.324.2712 ext 2147



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