Pro League Taps GumGum Sports for Key Sponsorship Analytics Partnership

25 September 2020

GumGum Sports, the leading AI-powered sponsorship analytics platform, has signed a partnership with Pro League, the official organisation representing Belgian professional football clubs.

Pro League, and all Jupiler Pro League clubs (the top football competition in Belgium) will now have access to GumGum Sports’ real-time analytics on how league and club sponsorship assets are performing on social media, helping to aid decision-making and maximise performance for brand partners. It underlines the continuing efforts of the league to support its clubs with the necessary tools to gain better insights and inform their commercial strategy.

The partnership is part of the innovation project “Pro League Forward”, a platform launched by Pro League last month to drive knowledge-sharing and collaboration and make it one of the most innovative leagues in Europe.

Traditionally, sponsorship evaluation has focused on the impact of sports signage across live broadcast. However, with audiences increasingly turning to social media and streaming to access sports-related content, rights holders and brands now need new types of analytics tools that can also capture the wider digital impact of their sponsorship within one platform and provide real-time measurement.

GumGum Sports’ platform uses computer vision to capture sponsorship exposure across television broadcast, online streaming and social media. Currently, there are more than 3,600 unique global sponsors tracked on the platform. Last year, GumGum Sports helped its partners to discover nearly $7 billion of unrealised earned media value.

“GumGum Sports’ partnership with Pro League underlines the continued growth our company is experiencing in Europe and the growing interest in real-time analytics data for faster decision-making that we can deliver,” said Brian Kim, General Manager at GumGum Sports. “The nature of sports content has changed rapidly over the last ten years. Rights holders and their brand partners need access to advanced data on how their assets are performing across all key channels – and not just at the end of the season but regularly throughout the lifetime of the partnership. This is exactly what Pro League and Jupiler Pro League clubs will now have access to on our platform, helping them to demonstrate the real value of their assets to sponsors and stimulating growth across the league.”

Leander Monbaliu, Chief Business Officer at Pro League added: “The shift to digital is more relevant than ever before. We are actively assisting our clubs to help them grow their digital reach, and attract new revenue sources. The partnership with GumGum Sports now allows our Jupiler Pro League clubs to measure ROI and optimise their commercial strategies accordingly. GumGum Sports' expertise and proven track record working with tier 1 leagues in North America makes them a great addition to the Pro League Forward-project.”

About the Pro League
The Pro League is responsible for the organisation of Belgian professional football. It does this by organising championships, either in competition or cup competitions.

It also groups the professional football clubs, which are represented in the management bodies of the non-profit association and nv Pro League. The Pro League works independently of these clubs, but is at their service.

On a national level, the Pro League works closely with the KBVB, on a regional level it regularly coordinates both wings of amateur football: Voetbal Vlaanderen and ACFF.

The Pro League is aware of its social role and translates this into a Football & Community policy with which it wants to achieve social and societal impact.

The Pro League strives to be an organisation where football experience, professionalism, innovation and growth are central. Every Pro League initiative aims to strengthen the clubs in particular and football in general.

Our ambition is an ever stronger Belgian professional football, closer to the fans.

About Pro League Forward
Pro League Forward is the Pro League-platform that combines all initiatives and partnerships that focus on innovation.

Innovation has been a guiding principle in the policy of the Pro League for several years now. Based on its core mission, the Pro League is one of the few leagues with a strong focus on central coordination and distribution of the most innovative tools on the market.

With the launch of Pro League Forward, the Pro League wants to intensify its focus on innovation and develop a platform that puts these new developments at the service of all Pro League clubs, through knowledge sharing and the exchange of information.

The Pro League thus reinforces its ambition to be one of the most innovative leagues in Europe.

About GumGum Sports
GumGum Sports is an AI-powered sponsorship analytics solution that delivers timely data and insights to help brands, agencies, properties and media companies contextualise the value of their sponsorships. A division of computer vision pioneer GumGum, the company captures the full media value of sports sponsorships across live broadcasts, social media, and digital streaming, enabling rights holders to retain and grow partner revenue and giving sponsors the ability to track and optimise media value across a portfolio of sponsorships. For more information, visit