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New Ground Technology Announces TurfPrinter™, the World’s First Green Technology Air Printer for Imaging Turf

Thursday, Oct 20, 2016

New Ground Technology (NGT) has finalized production and delivery plans for the new TurfPrinter™, a first-of-its-kind, green technology.

Meet the Founder:

Pete Davis, Founder/CEO of New Ground Technology, said: “We have listened to our customers and learned a lot during our beta period, we feel confident our TurfPrinter is ready to wow the turf sports, parks, and commercial industries. We enable venue marketers to monetize one of their most valuable assets – the turf”.

Project VIDEO:

One of New Ground's more recent projects included an image using its green technology to create field art: Watch the founder, Pete Davis' interview with the Sacramento Wildcats at Raley's Field!

Our latest effort, a centerfield portrait, has taken the art of turf imaging to a new level and garnered international media coverage on television and social media.

How Does it Work?

NGT is transforming outdoor media with its double-patented TurfPrinter, which uses air to produce high-definition imagery - no ink or chemicals are involved. The TurfPrinter is based on a newly introduced zero-turn platform, combining precision GPS, and cloud-based technology to gently produce durable but erasable imagery.

Short Video TurfPrinter In Action: click to view the video

These “horizontal billboards” have been seen by audiences worldwide and are generating interest from sports venues, teams and professional groundskeepers in the US, the UK, Europe and Australia.

For more info on the TurfPrinting process, visit the technology page of our website.

NGT also announced its new website with more information and new images of the technology at work:

About New Ground Technology

Pleasanton, CA based New Ground Technology, Inc. is leading the development of innovative and transformative promotional solutions for outdoor media. Our team is a diverse and passionate group of Engineers, Marketers and Creatives.


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