Meta-stadiums Teams Up With Ai-metaverse Company Meetkai And Fifa Licensed Match Agent To Launch The Ultimate Soccer Universe

7 December 2023

Today, entertainment and gaming metaverse and NFT platform Meta-Stadiums announced its partnership with innovative AI-metaverse company MeetKai to create the first-ever premier soccer universe. In collaboration with a FIFA Licensed Match Agent, the Meta-Stadium will deliver an entirely new dimension of excitement to soccer enthusiasts by transporting fans into a virtual realm where they can watch matches with select professional clubs and FIFA teams.

With the use of MeetKai's metaverse platform, fans can immerse themselves in the vibrant stadium district as realistic 3D avatars. Easily accessible through a VR headset or any web browser on a mobile device or desktop, Meta-Stadiums brings people from all over the world together to watch matches, shop, participate in gamified contests and explore the stadium and surrounding areas all from the comfort of their home.

"Our collaboration with Meta-Stadiums is pushing the boundaries of virtual experiences," said James Kaplan, CEO and Co-Founder of MeetKai. "Meta-Stadiums is not just a game-changer for soccer enthusiasts; it's a game-changer for the future of entertainment and sports engagement. We are thrilled to offer fans a unique opportunity to connect with the sport they love in a completely new way."

"Our ultimate goal is to make the metaverse accessible for the entire world in a practical and user-friendly way with zero barriers to enter," said Delence A. Sheares Sr., CEO and President of Meta-Stadiums. "Soccer is the #1 sport in the world connecting various cultures, regions, heritages, and nations. We are thrilled to bring forth a metaverse platform and experience which embraces the soccer culture alongside the delivery of superior technology."

Key features of the Meta-Stadium experience include:

  • Be a Spectator: Through Meta-Stadiums' soccer partnership with a veteran FIFA Licensed Match Agent, fans can witness 150 live virtual soccer matches featuring a rotation of 137 of FIFA's top-rated soccer teams, having them on the edge of their seats like an in-person game.
  • Diverse Seating Options: In the virtual stadium, fans can sit in press boxes or VIP sky boxes, recreating the atmosphere of a real-life match with their preferred vantage point.
  • Live and Archived Games: Fans can watch over 150 live games or access over 5,000 archived matches, ensuring they never miss a moment of the action.
  • Shop for Merchandise: By deploying MeetKai's AI-enabled, digital twin technology, fans can shop virtual replicas of physical merchandise and collectibles, available for shipping to users at home.
  • Interactive Gamification: The metaverse offers a world of interactive games, featuring various contests and mini-games that will challenge and entertain fans throughout their visit.
  • NFT Elements: For each game, there will be an NFT element, allowing fans to collect unique digital memorabilia to further expand their collection, such as minting special moments from the games.
  • Guest or Membership Access: Visitors can explore the Meta-Stadium as a guest or purchase a subscription for extended access, taking their engagement to the next level.

To further immerse fans in soccer season excitement, Meta-Stadiums will host a special rap battle between several up-and-coming Brazilian rappers and an Esports tournament on December 6th at 12PM EST. The single elimination round tournament will feature eight prominent gaming influencers playing FIFA 23 and will live stream on Twitch directly into the arena. On December 15th, Meta-Stadiums will debut its premier MetaJam concert series including a performance by Brazilian Funk star MC Menor Do Alvorada.

"At MeetKai, we are at the forefront of AI and metaverse technology, and joining forces with entertainment pioneer Meta-Stadiums Corp to create the first-ever soccer Meta-Stadium is a remarkable step towards the evolution of sports entertainment in the digital age," said Weili Dai, Executive Chairwoman and Co-Founder of MeetKai. "We're thrilled to invite soccer fans all over the world to experience the first FIFA soccer experience of the MeetKai Metaverse, all from their browsers."

Fans can now visit the Meta-Stadium website at to pre-register their profile and create their personalized avatars ahead of the official opening on December 6th at 12PM EST.

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