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Medizone International Expands Sales Potential by Addressing the Sports Equipment Industry with AsepticSure®

Friday, Jun 16, 2017

Medizone International, Inc. announces the completion of a study that demonstrates the efficacy of AsepticSure® in killing microorganisms found on athletic equipment such as hockey equipment and other protective gear.  This recent scientific evidence in support of AsepticSure opens up the athletic equipment industry within professional, collegiate, and organized sports at all levels as a viable commercial segment in the United States and other key markets in the world.  

In this most recent study, conducted by Medizone researchers in Canada, AsepticSure was demonstrated to be an effective means of eliminating microorganisms on commonly used athletic equipment. This study confirms the findings from initial studies supporting the use of AsepticSure as a general environmental disinfectant. AsepticSure's proprietary technology that combines oxidative compounds (O3 and H202) to produce a unique mixture of free radicals (H2O3 known as trioxidane) with much higher oxidative potential than ozone or hydrogen peroxide alone is safe and effective in support of general cleaning of athletic equipment.

"As part of our robust research and development program, this recent study supports another key advancement in the development of AsepticSure," commented Michael Shannon, M.A., M.Sc., M.D., President and Director of Medical Affairs for Medizone International. "Our research team continues to be active in discovering new areas of unmet need to demonstrate the positive impact of AsepticSure. We have plans to continue to transfer our current research initiatives into immediate commercial opportunities for AsepticSure."   

The athletic equipment industry is a massive industry with over $65 billion in annual sales in the US alone. The utilization of AsepticSure to support general cleaning of athletic equipment represents an immediate market opportunity for Medizone International. The company is actively pursuing a wide range of business development initiatives with both cleaning companies that service the athletic industry and initiating direct contact with professional and collegiate sports teams.

"We are continually impressed with the leadership of Dr. Shannon and our team of talented researchers for continuing to identify new areas of use for AsepticSure," said David A. Esposito, Chairman of the Board and interim CEO of Medizone International. "The athletic equipment cleaning industry is a significant, routine expense for professional and collegiate sports team.  In addition, any parent who shuttles kids around from football, hockey or some other sport would appreciate a technology that could provide superior cleaning to the current century old process. We see significant business potential for Medizone in this large market. The opportunity for ongoing, repeat customers is a key part of our commercial plan."

About Medizone International, Inc.

Founded initially in 1986 to develop treatments for lipid-enveloped viruses, Medizone International, Inc. shifted focus in 2007 to develop a superior disinfectant technology. The company developed the AsepticSure system to combine oxidative compounds (O3 and H202) to produce a unique mixture of free radicals (H2O3 known as trioxidane) with much higher oxidative potential than ozone or hydrogen peroxide alone. After securing broad IP protection for the use of trioxidane for both healthcare facility disinfecting systems and bioterrorism applications, the company released its AsepticSure system for use in Canada, and several other global markets.

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