EssentiallySports Launches ES Think Tank: Unveiling the Symbiotic Nexus of Sports and Brands

12 April 2024

In an era where the confluence of sports and business transcends conventional boundaries, EssentiallySports proudly announces the launch of ES Think Tank, a groundbreaking podcast series meticulously curated to explore the intricate relationship between athletes, sports, and brands. Through insightful dialogues and expert analyses, ES Think Tank promises to unravel the strategic interplay that underpins this dynamic ecosystem.

EssentiallySports roped in Trey Holder, Chief Business Officer at Accelrate 360 and President & Partner at Brand Innovators College Sports, to host ES Think Tank. With a panel comprising Fortune 500 brand marketers, esteemed media executives in sports, and revered sports influencers, each episode delves deep into the strategies and synergies driving brand-sport collaborations to unprecedented heights. ES Think Tank promises to empower listeners with invaluable insights like NIL, larger-than-life images of the athletes, appetite for behind-the-scenes consumption by readers, and more.

"ES Think Tank emerges as a natural extension of our commitment to fostering thought leadership in the ever-evolving landscape of sports business," remarked Suryansh Tibarewal, Co-founder of EssentiallySports.

The genesis of ES Think Tank stems from a collective vision to bridge the gap between sports and brands. With Trey Holder at the helm, alongside the strategic prowess of our team, the podcast promises to offer a panoramic view of this symbiotic relationship.

Holder's extensive industry experience underscores the importance of these partnerships in driving revenue and amplifying brand exposure. "Brands play a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of sports leagues, serving as catalysts for sustainable growth," remarked Holder. "ES Think Tank is poised to unravel the nuances of this dynamic interplay, offering actionable insights for athletes and brands alike."

"Our mission with ES Think Tank is to demystify the intricacies of sports business," expressed Holder. "Through candid conversations with industry stalwarts and emerging talents, we aim to provide our audience with an immersive journey into the multifaceted world of sports and brands."

About EssentiallySports:

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