Entertainment Mogul Vassal Benford and Industry Pioneer Torrel Harris Sr. Unite to Launch TBC Sports Entertainment

16 March 2023

Vassal Benford, founder of The Benford Company, Torrel Harris Sr., founder and CEO of Unique Sports Management International and Jarnell Stokes, former NBA player and CEO of Stoked Film Group, announced today their landmark partnership to diversify professional athletes' platforms through the launch of TBC Sports Entertainment (TBCSE). TBCSE is the trailblazing sports entertainment company that fuses film, television, Web3 and 4D holographic technology with athletes and their compelling stories. By bringing dynamic, inclusive, and inspiring projects to the big screen, TBCSE's ultimate goal is to depict relevant stories that captivate audiences worldwide, and provide players with ancillary sources of income well after their playing careers conclude.

For their debut project, TBCSE has acquired the life rights to produce a biopic about Basketball Hall of Famer, Spencer Haywood. The film will spotlight Haywood's life, basketball career, and most notably, Haywood's battle with the NBA for his right to play in the league before he graduated college. The landmark case in 1971 made it all the way to the Supreme Court, and the outcome ruled in favor of Haywood. Dubbed "The Spencer Haywood Rule," Haywood earned himself and future players the right to become NBA draft-eligible directly out of high school. The Spencer Haywood film project will be produced in collaboration with Mark Canton and the producers of the hit Starz series, "Power."

"I'm someone who lives and breathes storytelling, and there's so many great, untold sports stories that need to be highlighted, so expanding my repertoire into the sports world is a no-brainer," said Vassal Benford. "I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with a notable sports executive like Torrel Harris and the legendary Spencer Haywood, and I look forward to working closely with them on this exciting project."

Benford is an entertainment mogul, record executive, film and music producer. Benford is executive producer of the hit film series "After" and "After We Collided," with both films achieving commercial success by grossing more than $300 million at the box office and reaching the top streaming movies category on Netflix. Other notable film projects include producing the original music score for "New Jack City," and "Class Act," and the soundtrack to "The Sixth Man," and "The Associate."

As a top record producer appointed by Clive Davis, Benford has sold millions of records and garnered several awards and accolades, including the ASCAP Top Pop Songwriter of the Year Award and 57 platinum records awarded by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA Certified).

Harris Sr. is the founder and CEO of Unique Sports Management International, a sports agency that advises and manages top NBA and international professional athletes. Harris Sr. is recognized for establishing USMI's unique agency style of providing client services related to athletes' lifestyles including; contract negotiations, financial planning, community engagement, brand endorsements for athletes from Rolls Royce to Goldish, Oakley's, Nike and more, marketing strategies and other services.

"As a sports agent, it's my job to grow my clients' brand and generate as much income and exposure as possible.  The untapped potential in the entertainment space for athletes is starting to boom, so the purpose behind this venture with the great Vassal Benford means a lot to me," said Torrel Harris Sr., "Spencer Haywood is a basketball legend, and his forgotten impact on the game is arguably greater than most, so I can't wait to show the world about the Spencer Haywood rule."

As a top sports agent, Harris Sr. has managed a number of Hall of Famers such as George Gervin and Lynette Woodard, and led some of the highest contract negotiations in NBA History. Harris Sr. is also the first African American privately held business owner to secure licensing deals with the NBA & NFL, and has maintained a successful sportswear apparel line for over 20 years. Most recently, Torrel has been inducted into the 2023 New York State Basketball Hall of Fame.

About The Benford Company:
The Benford Company is a full-service entertainment company, which is home to various branches such as artist management, production, films, brand licensing, publishing, intellectual property and immersive technology concepts.

The Benford Company's divisions, Pac Sports Entertainment, and TBC Group Corporate Management (a full-service multi-media entertainment company, music, film, 4D Technologies, Web3 technology, concert events, estate, and sports management), both based in Los Angeles, represent famed superstar boxer Manny Pacquiao and Iconic legendary Blues artist BB King, his estate, and The BB King Music Companies. The Benford Companies have generated over $300 million in revenue, currently with such companies as Universal, and Warner Bros.

About Unique Sports Management International:

Unique Sports Management International (USMI)  forms a new breed of sports professionals who are committed to a unique style of athlete representation that focuses on strong contract negotiations and community engagement.  USMI is a socially and technologically savvy creative with a firm understanding of the rigors of modern media and marketing.  Brand development plays a major role in preparing for the future of the professional athlete. USMI provides services that are important to the career of the player such as; training, personal development, social media network, image management, marketing, financial plans, lifetime advisory, brand management, philanthropy, and more.