Enhancing the Gaming and Sports Experience - G2A.COM Partners with Virtual Drift Masters

23 April 2024

G2A.COM, the world's largest marketplace for digital entertainment, today announced its long-term partnership with Virtual Drift Masters, a series that brings the excitement from the asphalt-covered Drift Masters tracks to the world of e-sports, allowing drifters to navigate pixel-perfect replicas of iconic tracks from the Drift Masters Championship within the Assetto Corsa driving simulator. The 2024 series will begin on April 26th and consist of six rounds.

This isn't the first time G2A.COM has ventured into the e-sports space, with the platform's impressive history of backing over 100 events and 70 teams worldwide. In 2023, the company extended its support outside of the virtual sports landscape and into traditional competitions by partnering with Drift Masters Grand Prix, the fastest-growing professional drift series, which garnered a live audience of over 55,000 fans for its Grand Finale. Virtual Drift Masters is the next joint project that falls in line with G2A.COM's enhanced brand strategy to expand its offerings beyond gaming into the vast realm of digital entertainment.

"G2A.COM's foundation lies deeply rooted in the gaming world, and as an all-digital company with a longstanding presence in esports, connecting both online and offline sporting events was a natural evolution for us," shared Mona Kinal, Chief Marketing Officer at G2A.COM. "Drifting, with its exhilarating thrills and universal appeal, perfectly aligns with our goal of engaging diverse audiences and inviting people into the world of digital entertainment. Through our partnership with Virtual Drift Masters, we are opening the Gate 2 Adventure for v-drifting fans to engage and experience the Drift Masters experience like never before."

The Virtual Drift Masters series will run in line with the Drift Masters championship, and all rounds are scheduled to kick off before their real-world counterparts on the following dates:

  • Round 1: Circuit Ricardo Tormo, Valencia on 26 – 28 April 2024
  • Round 2: Mondello Park, Ireland on 17 – 19 May 2024
  • Round 3: Powerpark Huvivaltio, Harma, Finland on 21 – 23 June 2024
  • Round 4: Bikernieki Circuit, Latvia on 12 – 14 July 2024
  • Round 5: Mariapocs, Hungary on 09 – 11 August 2024
  • Round 6: To be announced on 30 – 01 September 2024

"We're thrilled to announce the return of the Virtual Drift Masters Championship in 2024 in collaboration with our esteemed partners at G2A.COM," shared Adam Krawczak, President of Drift Masters Grand Prix. "With cutting-edge technology and G2A.COM's support, we're bringing together the worlds of motorsport and gaming to deliver an unparalleled experience to fans worldwide, pushing the boundaries of virtual racing and engaging broader audiences on a global scale."

G2A.COM's partnership with Virtual Drift Masters marks the beginning of a long-term project that aims to offer sideways driving tutorials for drifting beginners, a drifting academy, and opportunities to meet and compete with Drift Masters' drivers. All updates are available on the official Virtual Drift Masters website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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