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Champions League Final with Stechert seats

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Angela Merkel sees Frankfurt’s Champions League victory on Stechert VIP-seats.

Before the Champions League Final at the Olympiastadion Berlin will kick-off at 6th June, the women’s final was held on 14th May at the “Jahn-Sportpark” in Berlin.

Guests of honour, like Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, DFB-President Wolfgang Niersbach and UEFA-President Michel Platini sit on Stechert-VIP-Seats, while following Frankfurt’s success.

Stechert installed 48 new models of their “Champion DeLuxe” during the conversion of the stadium which was managed by “Baumgart Becker Planungsgesellschaft”. The new VIP-seats have high-class upholstery and a modern design. Moreover they convince with their convenient rotary base and elegant chatoses.

Even though the installation period was very short, Stechert managed to mount all seats in time.

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