BetOpenly Partners with Scrimmage to Provide Cash Back on Every Bet

27 January 2023

Sports betting marketplace, BetOpenly, partners with web3 rewards company, Scrimmage, to provide low cost betting and cash back on every bet. Through this partnership, BetOpenly users will now be able to earn SCRIM tokens for their bets, which can be converted into fiat currency on the Scrimmage Rewards app.

Commenting on the partnership, Matt Dever, Co-Founder of Scrimmage, said, "This partnership is an exciting one because Scrimmage users can now earn SCRIM for betting on an excellent platform with some of the lowest commissions in the world, while BetOpenly's users have the ability to earn cash back through SCRIM on every bet."

BetOpenly is a marketplace that pairs bettors with one another, in contrast to the sportsbook model in which the sportsbook takes the opposite side of the bet from the bettor. However, the most drastic difference is in their fee structures. BetOpenly charges only a 1% fee for facilitating a bet, while sportsbooks may charge anywhere between 5% and 15%. BetOpenly has already saved their users $3+ million. Gino Donati, BetOpenly Founder said, "Scrimmage is rewarding users, no strings attached, and taking the already exciting and entertaining world of sports betting to the next level! This partnership will be an ongoing collaboration to find unique and creative ways for everyone to leverage their rewards! Our main goal is to increase the % of profitable gamblers. As well as add layers to the Web3 world, allowing Scrim (Token and NFTs) to be leveraged in our Marketplace."

Scrimmage also specializes in cost savings. Scrimmage is a web3 rewards program for sports bettors, rewarding users SCRIM tokens for betting at sportsbooks. SCRIM is a cryptocurrency that is backed by the USD revenue Scrimmage receives from their sportsbook partnerships. Think of SCRIM as something like frequent flier miles, but instead of being required to spend them at the same airline you earn them, you can sell them for cash instead.

Scrimmage recently released their "Scrimmage Rewards'' app on the Google Play and App Store. You can find more information at and join their community of 150,000+ on Twitter (@scrimsports). You can start betting on BetOpenly at and find their community on Twitter (@betopenly).

Media Contact:
Dan Taren
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