Axe and Driveline Baseball Unveil Power Trainer: Designed to Unlock Hitter Potential

12 April 2024

Baseball training innovators Axe and Driveline Baseball have joined forces again to launch the Power Trainer. This revolutionary training bat aims to help hitters of all levels maximize their power potential.

Building on the success of their acclaimed Axe Speed Trainers, the Power Trainer represents another step forward in their collaborative effort. Axe Speed Trainers are widely recognized for enhancing bat speed and are used by top college programs and professional players.

The Power Trainer: Designed for Power

The Power Trainer combines Axe's bat design and engineering expertise with Driveline Baseball's cutting-edge data and hitting knowledge. This unique synergy creates an unparalleled training tool for modern hitters. The Power Trainer is crafted to resemble a game bat in look and feel, allowing its use with various ball speeds and by players of all experience levels.

Key Features of the Power Trainer

  • Custom Youth Weighting: Leveraging data from Driveline's extensive bat fitting database, Axe crafted a bat specifically designed for young athletes. The Power Trainer prioritizes an optimal Moment of Inertia (MOI), resulting in a 20% increase compared to traditional youth bats. This innovative method provides a first-of-its-kind youth overload bat. It is heavy enough to promote swing strength development while remaining lightweight enough to preserve proper swing mechanics.
  • Enhanced Swing Strength for Power Development: The overload MOI design is engineered to improve swing strength, translating to greater power with consistent training.
  • Durable and Dependable Construction: Built to withstand rigorous training sessions, the Power Trainer boasts a robust, one-piece alloy design. This ensures strength and long-lasting durability, making it a reliable tool for sustained development.
  • Versatility for All Ball Speeds: The Power Trainer can be used with any type of ball, from tee work to fielding practice, regardless of pitch speed.

"We are thrilled to partner again with Driveline Baseball to create a training bat unlike any other," says Jay Helmick, GM of Axe Bat. "By combining Axe's cutting-edge bat engineering and design with Driveline's expertise in hitting mechanics, we've developed a tool for hitters of all levels to deliver increased power at the plate."

"Axe and Driveline's partnership is incredibly effective," says Mike Rathwell, CEO of Driveline. "We leverage cutting-edge technology to drive a data-driven approach to designing the most innovative bats for today's player."


The Axe Bat Power Trainer became available nationwide for $99.99 on April 5 at select retailers (Closeout Bats and Driveline Baseball) and online at

About Axe:

Axe, headquartered in Kent, Washington, is a leading manufacturer of baseball and softball equipment. The company is dedicated to providing players of all levels with the highest-quality bats engineered to enhance performance. Follow Axe on Instagram and X at @axebat.

About Driveline Baseball:

Driveline Baseball is a data-driven sports science company focused on improving athletes' performance through innovative training methods and technology. Follow Driveline Baseball on Instagram and X at @drivelinebaseball.

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