WNBA All-Star MVP Jewell Loyd Announces Partnership with Gopuff to Fuel Her Game

1 September 2023

Jewell Loyd, WNBA All-Star MVP and Olympic Gold Medalist, maintains a packed schedule with professional basketball commitments, training camps, and even pickleball practice. To efficiently manage her busy lifestyle, Loyd relies on Gopuff, a platform that grants her swift access to everyday essentials. A long-time admirer of the brand, Loyd has now established a partnership with Gopuff to cater to the needs of her team and community, both on and off the court.

Loyd, recognizing the importance of nourishing her body throughout her rigorous athletic endeavors, has taken note of the scarcity of food access at women's practice facilities. Consequently, she has joined forces with Gopuff to bridge this gap. She expresses her enthusiasm for the collaboration: “I’m proud to partner with Gopuff to provide my team with food, drinks, and snacks after practice and on the road.”

For Loyd and Her Team Gopuff will facilitate the delivery of an array of snacks, food, and beverages to Loyd and her teammates every week. This service ensures that sustenance is readily available to the team post-practice in Seattle and following games when they are on the road.

For Gopuff Customers Gopuff has curated a special "Jewell Loyd Snack Collection" for customers across the nation. This limited-time assortment comprises hand-picked, delectable snacks that Loyd personally utilizes to maintain her physical and mental agility as a professional athlete. The collection encompasses diverse products, ranging from protein bars and sparkling water to fresh fruit and more.

For the Local Community In collaboration with Gopuff, Loyd is committed to giving back to the Seattle community. The partnership entails donations of food, snacks, beverages, and essential home items to local nonprofit organizations. These contributions align with Loyd's dedication to community service, supporting groups striving to enhance equity and opportunities for women and families.

Daniel Folkman, the Senior Vice President of Business at Gopuff, highlights the company's commitment to engaging with and aiding every community they serve. The partnership reflects Gopuff's support for Loyd's advocacy on behalf of female athletes and her contributions to the Seattle community.

This collaboration underscores Gopuff's ongoing commitment to community engagement and support for athletes. The company has previously teamed up with Opendorse to democratize endorsement deals for student athletes, contributed to charitable causes through partnerships with athletes like Candace Parker and Chris Paul, and engaged in philanthropic initiatives with NBA All-Stars like James Harden and the Impact13 foundation.


Source: businesswire.com