Wemade to publish R1B, a blockchain baseball game, by Round 1 Studio

2 March 2023

Wemade will be publishing a blockchain baseball game Round 1 Baseball developed by Round 1 Studio.

Round 1 Studio is made up of developers behind Korea's most famous baseball game 'Magumagu'. R1B is the first game of R1 Metaverse, a token-based blockchain sports metaverse that Round 1 Studio is establishing.

R1B offers a differentiated baseball game experience with realistic characters, high-quality graphics, and a sophisticated baseball engine that allows players to experience the depth of the game with simple controls. In addition, players can acquire and manage various players, enjoying the fun of management.

Users can collect the utility token "Money Ball" by playing the game and stake the tokens to get 'R1' token. 'R1' is the governance token that is usable in R1B and R1 Metaverse.

The game is in the last stage of development and plans to launch globally by the end of 2023. It will be available in 170 countries on Wemade's blockchain game platform, WEMIX PLAY, Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Check out the official website for more information on blockchain games serviced on WEMIX PLAY.