Verizon’s Latest Patent Brings AR To Sports Stadiums

Thursday, Jun 30, 2016

According to a patent application obtained by The Donohue Report, Verizon is looking to make an augmented reality app for mobile that will enable in-stadium NFL fans to identify their on-field players and receive detailed statistics about said players. Using a blend of AR and LTE broadcast (eMBMS) technology, the app will recognize players via sensors embedded within their helmets.

“The sensor may be attached with a player in a football match, which provides augmented reality content, for example, position, speed, and the like, of the player. In another exemplary scenario, the sensor may be attached with a basketball in a basketball [game], which provides augmented reality content, such as, position of the ball,”

While the patent could foreseeably be used in all professional sports, football tends to be a more future-forward and innovative sport than most (in being more open to change and technological implementation), and as such provides the ideal breeding grounds for this technology. The capabilities for real-time stat tracking will help quantify what happens on the field, perhaps aiding referees to make better calls. As such, the technology can help balance the playing field and progress the sport as much as it can be a useful tool for spectators.


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