USA Pickleball Grants Official Paddle Approval and Certification for OWL Paddles to be Used in all USAP Sanctioned Tournaments, Leagues and Events

15 February 2024

The OWL pickleball paddle, an OWL Sport product, just received the USA Pickleball certification that makes it 100% USAP tournament play-approved and certified for amateur and professional players to use at any event or competition in the world. The OWL is known for being the first USAP Quiet Category-certified paddle, delivering a 50% reduction in total noise profile while raising the bar on paddle performance. It was also announced that OWL is now an official paddle sponsor of the Association of Pickleball Players (APP), and currently the only one that reduces noise.

"The OWL is truly revolutionary as a paddle that meets players' competitive demands while also answering a need that sets it apart in the marketplace," said Tom Webb, APP chief marketing officer. "We are honored to announce the OWL as an official APP paddle, building on our commitment to get more people playing pickleball more often."

As part of the OWL Sport sponsorship, the brand will be integrated into APP Tour events, including on-site consumer activations, signage and hospitality opportunities, as well as promotion on social media and APP Tour livestream productions on CBS Sports, ESPN and other partners.

"The APP delivers a diverse portfolio of premier experiences for professional and amateur players of all ages. Partnering with the APP and its network of players will help showcase the performance of our OWL paddle while helping to grow the sport both on a national and global scale," said Rick Schwenk, chief marketing officer of OWL Sport. "This partnership, coupled with our new USAP approval and certification, has positioned OWL to make an even bigger impact on the growing sport."

The 1 million plus people that tuned in to watch the recent Pickleball Slam 2 event on ESPN (and other media partners) would have noticed legendary tennis star John McEnroe using the OWL in his battle with partner Maria Sharipova against Andre Aggassi and Steffi Graff. While McEnroe and Sharipova lost the heated tournament, the OWL won its first high profile, national play event, receiving multiple shout-outs while it was on prime display during the broadcast. McEnroe was part of the official paddle launch with fellow OWL Sport ambassador Drew Brees when it launched in November of 2023, and has been playing with the OWL exclusively ever since.

Since its launch, the OWL has helped clubs and groups across the country in sound-sensitive locations save their pickleball privileges. One recent story that made headlines came from Ojai, California, where the city threatened to shut down the City Hall campus courts entirely due to the noise complaints. The Ojai Valley Athletic Club Pickleball director worked with OWL Sport to secure a rush-order of paddles for a one-month trial as the solution to the sound issues. While the month-long trial is still in process, it has already received positive feedback from those involved. The goal is for the Ojai City Hall campus to become a pickleball quiet-approved site where only Quiet Category equipment, like the OWL, can be used. This adaptation would serve as an example that the rest of the country experiencing similar issues could replicate. So far, the OWL has seen similar success stories in Laguna Beach, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Hilton Head, Vancouver and many more communities across North America.

Aside from its noise reduction capabilities, the OWL paddle has been lauded for its many innovative and multiple patent pending features, including its vibration dampening layers for arm and elbow comfort, balanced 'anti-head heavy' construction for effortless maneuverability and proprietary Acoustene™ surface. The OWL paddles are currently available for order at and Amazon, in four SKUs to meet all players' needs including the Power series (PX) and Control series (CX) and more innovative products set to launch in 2024.

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