USA Football to award nearly $2 million in grants for equipment, turf fields and AEDs

21 March 2017

USA Football will award nearly $2 million in grants to various youth, middle school, and high school football programs across the country.The money will go towards the purchase of equipment, turf fields, automated external defibrillators (AEDs), and more.

“I have two grandsons who play youth and high school football and we share a passion for this sport,” said Bill Polian, Pro Football Hall of Famer, ESPN NFL Analyst and the Chairman of USA Football’s Football Advisory Committee. “For the better part of six decades, football has been an important part of my life. I’ve seen first-hand how this game is a healthy, rewarding and life-enriching pursuit for countless grandsons, including my own.

“USA Football’s grants program helps schools and youth organizations deliver exceptional experiences that stretch beyond fitness and on-field achievement. As significant as those things are, it’s the life-long friendships and the values of sacrifice and putting a teammate before yourself that makes football so distinctly special and rewarding for our kids. It’s the ultimate team game.”

According to USA Football, the program has awarded up to $10 million since 2006, assisting some 200,000 players.