Universiade champions relay sports passion to Asian Games in east China's Deqing

25 September 2023

"I've been eagerly anticipating my visit to Mogan Mountain, which was acclaimed as one of the world's top 45 places to visit by The New York Times," exclaimed Wen Jiayi, the gold medalist in women's eight-person rowing at the 31st Summer Universiade, which took place in Chengdu, southwest China.

Wen expressed, "Seeing it in person truly confirms its reputation."

In anticipation of the upcoming Asian Games in Hangzhou, the capital city of Zhejiang Province in eastern China, Wen, along with other medal-winning athletes from the 31st Summer Universiade, paid a visit to Deqing City in Zhejiang, as reported by the Information Office of Deqing County.

Their delegation was led by Xu Yaping, the world champion in canoeing and an associate professor at Zhejiang University. Their purpose was to share the joy and experiences gained from their participation in sports and to contribute to the preparations for Hangzhou, which will host the 3X3 basketball competition during the Asian Games.

Joining the athletes on this visit were seasoned international sports media reporters and editors, who are gearing up to cover the Asian Games. These experienced professionals examined the emerging sports city with a discerning eye for high standards.

To meet the demand for volunteer services in the Asian Games host cities, Deqing has constructed a convenient community capable of providing on-demand volunteer services within 15 minutes. A total of 22 volunteer service stations have been established in key areas, including major competition venues, transportation hubs, and scenic spots, offering timely services such as emergency assistance and traffic guidance.

A local official responsible for event operations stated, "In the countdown to the opening of the Asian Games, we invited Universiade athletes and media professionals from China and abroad to visit Deqing. Their international competition experience is expected to help us identify any weaknesses in our service preparations for the Asian Games."

The 3X3 basketball matches of the Asian Games will be held at the world's first purpose-built 3X3 basketball venue, situated by the picturesque Fengqi Lake, on the other side of the Deqing Geographic Information Town, set to become a new landmark of this scenic city.

The venue features an SES rubber court floor system that meets international event standards, along with 20 high-quality directional speakers, ensuring clear and uniform sound coverage for spectators. Additionally, 82 sets of specialized LED energy-efficient sports building lights have been installed to meet broadcasting requirements and enhance the audience experience.

Alan George Adams, a veteran sports reporter and editor who has covered eight Olympic and Winter Olympic events from the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, will serve as the official Asian Games news editor for the Hangzhou Asian Games. Adams, a contributor to USA Today, The New York Times, and other globally recognized publications, expressed his confidence in Deqing's preparations, stating, "From what I've seen and learned talking to the venue media manager, Deqing is well-prepared. They have everything ready, and it's going to be a fantastic and exciting venue."

After the Asian Games, the entire sports center will be transformed into an urban exhibition hall, a youth activity center, a comprehensive sports complex, and commercial facilities. The venue's roof will be repurposed into a public sports park, becoming a lasting cultural heritage of the Asian Games.

A local official emphasized, "In the future, Deqing will continue its efforts to develop the venue into one of the country's and even the world's premier 3X3 basketball facilities. The city will host more international events, advance the sports industry, and promote the integration of the sports industry with Deqing's characteristic sectors, such as geographical information technology innovation and Mogan Mountain cultural tourism."

Xu Yaping, reflecting on her visit, commented, "At the base of Mogan Mountain, I felt the cultural charm of Deqing. I am deeply impressed by Deqing's international flair and dynamic development."


Source: prnewswire.com