Turf placed at upcoming BettPlex Sports Complex

1 December 2017

In a section of Northeast Bettendorf, a lush green lawn is laid down as we head into December.

Some of the most notable parts of the state of the art BettPlex Sports Complex will be the artificial turf being put in place just as the temperatures start to tumble.

"It's exciting, I come out here pretty often and every time I come out to the site there's always something new, the lights are going up with the turf installation, it's all starting to look real," Leslie Van Dyke, BettPlex Director of Operations.

For months, this more than $40 million project was just a plan on paper, now it's coming to life like an early spring in the Quad Cities.

"The guys are working really hard to get that started and we can have up to 10 games going on for baseball and the same time with this turf," said Van Dyke.

Once finished, the baseball and softball fields will cost more than $11 million.

"With turf, you're able to play in basically any weather unless there's lightening, so rain, snow the field will absorb that and the teams will be able to continue to play," said Van Dyke.

Day by day the pieces of this project are coming together and it's on track to open in June.

"The steel has gone up for the indoor turf soccer field, the family entertainment center is getting enclosed, so it's all just happening so fast," said Van Dyke.


Source: wqad.com