Tottenham Hotspur's new £850m stadium remains on course for grand opening in August

31 May 2018

Tottenham Hotspur are moving ahead with plans to open their new £850m stadium this August, despite plenty of speculation surrounding the construction.

Ever since building work began on the stadium in 2016, rumours of delays have circulated around the project. In recent months, there have been claims that the new ground would not be open in time for the 2018/19 Premier League season, with some suggestions that the site would not be even ready to open to the public until at least December.

However, sources within the club have told this week that the timeline has not changed and that all plans are still leading towards the opening of the ground in August.

Ticket test events are being planned to take place at the stadium during that month with the south plaza outside the ground expected to be ready in time for those August events. Some external landscaping works may be installed on an interim basis around the stadium for safety reasons.

Spurs chairman Daniel Levy has previously said he expects to ask the Premier League for the club's opening few competitive matches to be played away from home, to allow for any late unanticipated delays, and that is still believed to be the case.

The new season's fixtures are announced on June 14 and if Tottenham apply for their first three or four matches to be away from home that would mean they would not play their first Premier League match at their new home until September.

Liverpool and West have had similar requests accepted by the league in recent years due to stand redevelopment and the World Athletics Championships respectively going on at their stadiums.

The stadium's first NFL game - as part of a ten-year agreement - will take place when the Seattle Seahawks play the Oakland Raiders on October 14.

The new 62,069-seater stadium in north London is currently Europe's largest private construction project. Thousands of workmen are on site daily at the new stadium, with a record number recorded last month of 2,607 at one time, with an average on the night shift of 300 workers as the construction crews work through the day and night to ensure the project is completed in time.

Work is progressing quickly inside and outside the site, with recent tests on the retractable pitch system proving to be a success, while the installation of glass sections and cassettes on the roof and glass panels on the exterior of the massive single tier south stand atrium have been accelerating in recent days.

Many concourses, restaurants, toilets and bars inside the ground are now reaching completion.

On Wednesday, Spurs announced a partnership with Tottenham-based Beavertown Brewery to become the official craft beer supplier at the stadium.

The deal will bring a microbrewery inside the ground – a world first for any football stadium - where fans will be able to enjoy the local brewery’s range of craft beers, as well as a collaboration beer that is set to be created and brewed in partnership with the club and its fans.

Spurs are currently working with stakeholders at the four key local stations (White Hart Lane, Seven Sisters, Northumberland Park and Tottenham Hale) to ensure upgrades to them are completed as quickly as possible.

There will be new shuttle buses in place for the stadium's first match to help manage any issues caused by the unfinished stations not working at full capacity.