Tennis Court Protective Cover Invented by InventHelp Inventor (ALL-1129)

7 October 2017

Tennis courts take a beating, not only from the constant impact of running feet and high-speed tennis balls, but also from the intense sun and weather. When left exposed to the elements, they can become rendered unsuitable for play, resulting in expensive maintenance.

An inventor from Atlanta, Ga., has invented COURT COVER, cover for tennis courts that protects the court from damage. "Playing tennis since a little boy and now as an adult, cancellations due to weather are inevitable," said the inventor. "I wanted to create a product that could minimize or even prevent a game cancellation and preserve the courts to continue the play of the game for everyone." COURT COVER ensures a playable condition is maintained on the court, preserving the court's original condition for an extended period of time.

This invention would also reduce the amount of maintenance the court needs over time, saving the owner of the tennis court time and money. It would appeal to private tennis court owners, as well as managers of public tennis facilities.

The original design was submitted to the Atlanta office of InventHelp. It is currently available for licensing or sale to manufacturers or marketers.