Teamworks Announces Four Acquisitions and a Compliance Roadmap to Solidify its Position as The Operating System for Sports™

12 January 2023

Teamworks, an enterprise SaaS company serving collegiate and professional sports organizations globally, has announced its next growth phase as The Operating System for Sports. The sports tech leader announced today the acquisition of four best-in-class technologies: Smartabase, the premier human performance optimization platform for elite sports and military organizations; Retain, a collegiate academics and athlete development platform, inclusive of Pulse, an anonymous reporting and experience survey tool; and Grafted and NextPlay, collegiate athletic alumni engagement platforms that will be consolidated and rebranded to Teamworks Communities. Teamworks also announced plans to build a best-in-class collegiate compliance solution that will fully integrate into Teamworks' operating system.

Teamworks completed a Series D financing round in June 2022 to drive performance and innovation within its current product portfolio, expand into new product categories, and acquire top industry talent. These acquisitions enhance an ecosystem of centralized and integrated technology where multiple stakeholders collaboratively perform their roles to deliver a streamlined athlete experience - The Operating System for Sports™.

"With the acquisitions of Smartabase, Retain, Grafted, and NextPlay, Teamworks continues to unite the sports industry's top technology companies and its most innovative leaders," said Zach Maurides, Founder and CEO of Teamworks. "The addition of these products solidifies Teamworks' impact on each phase of the athlete lifecycle and its indispensable position serving elite athletic organizations. While Teamworks has always supported the performance of athletes, Smartabase's expertise in military human performance will benefit all of our customers collectively."

The Smartabase acquisition is the largest in Teamworks' history and completes the entry into the human performance space. Smartabase's 120-person strong team of sports scientists, technology experts, and industry professionals powers the most trusted source of integrated performance, health, and medical data.

"I have tremendous respect for Zach and Teamworks. When he approached me about an acquisition, it was one of those moments when the obvious answer was staring me in the face," said Markus Deutsch, CEO, and Co-founder of Smartabase. "We had ambitious company growth and product development goals, and this acquisition dramatically accelerated that timeline. Our clients will soon be able to access the best-in-class solutions, integrate them with Smartabase, and more efficiently support their athletes and service members."

Teamworks creates unity within collegiate and professional sports organizations by replacing redundancy with efficiency. The complete operating system – now comprised of  Hub, INFLCR, Notemeal, Whistle, Smartabase, Retain, Communities, Pulse, and Compliance – will digitize the athlete lifecycle with support across multiple software categories and an open platform for third-party software providers to fully integrate