Swansea City chairman calls on council to back Liberty Stadium expansion plans

Monday, Aug 31, 2015

HUW Jenkins has called on Swansea Council to get behind Swansea City's plan to increase the size of the Liberty Stadium.

Swansea's chairman has revealed the club has spent more than £1.5 million on buying a small piece of land near the stadium and trying to obtain planning permission.

Writing in his programme notes for today's game with Manchester United, Jenkins said: "I'm convinced we must take advantage of the increased Premier League income next season to help us expand the Liberty Stadium.

"I also believe we need the full support of Swansea City Council and all its members to help us through this difficult process.

"Obtaining planning permission and buying the small parcel of land near the stadium has already cost the football club over £1.5 million without a brick being placed.

"We clearly need the 'landlord's consent' from Swansea City Council to help us move forward further before the new year.

"Most importantly, we need 100 per cent commitment off everyone connected to Swansea City, together with some peace of mind that we can cover the estimated £20 million needed to expand the Liberty without the football budget being squeezed in any way over the next couple of years."

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