StadioPlus and Gate2Chain Join Forces to digitalize the Sports Industry

27 October 2023

Gate2Chain platforms introduce game-changing features in e-commerce, including resale with royalties, auctions, and content monetization. These innovative tools will empower sports leagues and competitions to unlock new revenue streams while fostering direct connections with their audiences.

StadioPlus is a prominent consultancy company specialized in sports and gaming. They are renowned for developing innovative strategies for athletes, sports clubs, leagues, and brands, leveraging digital assets and virtual worlds to implement new monetization models. StadioPlus is the partner of LaLiga in the renowned LaLigaLand project.

This partnership between Gate2Chain and StadioPlus will enable sports teams to sell digital and physical products, services, and tickets directly to their fans, offering unique experiences and tailored content. The objective is to drive stronger fan engagement and new revenue opportunities for the sports industry.

"Our patented technology will redefine how clubs and leagues monetize their audiences," comments Bart Olivares, CEO of Gate2Chain. "This partnership will introduce a new generation of platforms with unparalleled features and capabilities that have never been seen in the industry before."

By uniting the strengths of Gate2Chain and StadioPlus, the sports sector is ready to enter into a new era of revenue generation and audience engagement. This partnership promises to be a game-changer in the industry, empowering sports leagues and competitions to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of digital engagement.

"We're thrilled to collaborate with Gate2Chain on this exciting project. This partnership will enable us to harness Gate2Chain's innovative technology to provide our customers and partners with a unique and groundbreaking experience. Together, we're determined to reshape the industry landscape and take it to new heights," said Jon Fatelevich, CEO of StadioPlus.