SportsEngine Announces Sports Apparel Partnership with SquadLocker

18 March 2017

SportsEngine Inc. announced today a long-term partnership with SquadLocker®, the leading provider of apparel management solutions for youth sports, to provide custom team apparel stores to SportsEngine clients, including more than 600,000 local youth sports teams, leagues and clubs. By integrating directly into the SportsEngine platform, SquadLocker will radically simplify the process for team administrators and volunteers to create team apparel orders, and provide an easy way for parents and fans to purchase team gear and spirit wear.

“This new offering fits perfectly with SportsEngine’s overall mission to simplify the administration of youth sports, so that coaches, volunteers and families can spend more time playing the game,” said Lee Zukor, vice president of product and user experience at SportsEngine. “By leveraging the information already collected by organizations and their administrators in SportsEngine, we’re providing an effective way to alleviate many of the headaches I’ve personally experienced when trying to create an apparel store for my own organization."

Thousands of sports organizations have chosen SportsEngine to run their website, tournaments, leagues, online registration and mobile apps. Through these applications, over 600,000 sports teams, clubs and leagues are able to drastically reduce the time they spend on administration and communication, allowing them to focus on spending time with their athletes. Momentum in all sports has accelerated for SportsEngine with recent agreements signed with governing bodies, organizations, and teams.

Through SquadLocker's SmartStore, organizations can create custom team stores with the most popular brands and sizes based on each team’s sport, location, season. Administrators no longer need to make dozens of small decisions about sizes to stock, colors to choose or the best logo placement on a garment.

“Administrators and team managers will be able to spend more time involved in sports instead of spending time managing the apparel purchasing and delivery process,” said Todd Grant, president of SquadLocker. “We look forward to making this integration available to the entire SportsEngine community.”