Sports Innovation Lab Launches Fan Intelligence Data on Snowflake Marketplace

20 September 2023

Sports Innovation Lab, a leading data-driven fan intelligence company, has made its Purchase Behaviors of U.S. Sports Fans dataset available on the Snowflake Marketplace. This dataset is a key offering of Sports Innovation Lab's fan intelligence data and strategic services and has been used by sports brands to gain insights into their fans' spending habits and behaviors. By utilizing Snowflake's integrated platform and Sports Innovation Lab's proprietary data tools, customers can now access direct insights into fan and consumer spending habits that may not be available in their existing CRM and CDP data views.

The Purchase Behaviors of U.S. Sports Fans dataset from Sports Innovation Lab addresses the challenge of fan data being scattered across various vendor silos, including viewership, merchandise, ticketing, and in-venue data. With this dataset, marketers in sports and entertainment organizations can gain a comprehensive view of their current and potential consumers, enabling them to make data-driven decisions that give them a competitive edge.

Key features and benefits of Sports Innovation Lab's Purchase Behaviors of U.S. Sports Fans dataset on Snowflake include:

  1. Complete Fan Purchase Data: The dataset includes seven years of daily credit card and debit card purchase data from over 20 million anonymized individual fans. This data is organized into ready-to-compute tables, allowing organizations to access and analyze it efficiently.

  2. Comprehensive Insights: Organizations can gain insights into fan loyalty, churn, and wallet share among different sport communities, such as OTT subscribers, sports bettors, or fitness enthusiasts.

  3. Customer Profiling: The data enables organizations to identify customer life stages, lifestyles, and sports fandom habits, providing a deeper understanding of their fanbase.

  4. Audience Preferences: With high confidence, organizations can determine the preferences of specific fan audiences, helping them tailor marketing and engagement strategies.

In addition to the publicly accessible tables on Snowflake Marketplace, organizations have the option to purchase customized offerings that provide data insights tailored to specific criteria, such as geographic market, sport, league, team, brand preference, or one of Sports Innovation Lab's proprietary communities, such as Trendsetters, Women's Sports Fans, or Sports Bettors.

Bill Stratton, Industry GTM Lead, Media, Entertainment, and Advertising at Snowflake, highlighted the opportunity for sports, media, and entertainment companies to leverage Sports Innovation Lab's expertise in sports fandom and its data-driven intelligence platform. Snowflake Marketplace empowers organizations to access, evaluate, and purchase data products and services to drive innovation and business growth.

Interested organizations can access the listings on Snowflake Marketplace or visit the Sports Innovation Lab website to learn more.

Snowflake Marketplace leverages Snowflake's cross-cloud technology, Snowgrid, to provide direct access to raw data products and enable rapid, secure, and cost-effective utilization of data, data services, and applications. It simplifies the discovery, access, and commercialization of data products, allowing companies to unlock new revenue streams and insights within the Data Cloud.