Splash Sports Launches In 33 States, Announces $2m Commissioner Rewards Program

8 August 2023

Splash Sports (Splash), the innovative peer-to-peer real money gaming platform developed by the creators of RunYourPool (RYP) and Office Football Pool (OFP), has officially launched its operations in 33 states across the United States. Notable among these states are Florida, Texas, and California. This expansion enables friends and groups in these regions to utilize Splash for organizing Survivor, PickX, and/or Daily Fantasy contests in full compliance with state regulations.

Joel Milton, Co-Founder of Splash Sports, expressed his excitement about the launch, particularly in time for the NFL season: "We are thrilled to bring Splash to the masses just in time for the NFL season. Our most frequent request on RYP/OFP is 'can we play games for real money on your platform,' and we are excited to share that for some of our most popular games, the answer is now 'yes.'"

Initially, the platform will feature a Tiers game in addition to the highly popular Survivor and PickX contest offerings. The company has ambitious plans to introduce a variety of game types and sports throughout the year, thus diversifying the gaming experience for its users.

As part of this launch, Splash has unveiled a Commissioner Economy™ that offers substantial rewards to commissioners (contest organizers) for hosting contests for their friends or communities on the Splash Sports platform. These rewards have the potential to reach up to $2 million in total bonuses.

TJ Ross, Co-Founder of Splash Sports, likened the role of commissioners to content creators, stating, "Our commissioners are the reason people keep coming back to our site, and the best contests are supplemented by the personality of the commissioner. Our rewards program draws inspiration from places like YouTube and their creators. We think of our commissioners as content creators and our contests as our content. It only makes sense to reward our commissioners for organizing compelling contests and incentivize them to run more of them." Ross also highlighted the synergy with existing content creators such as sports bloggers, podcasters, and Twitch streamers, who can leverage Splash's contests to foster community engagement and generate a new income stream.

This rewards program has already gained traction with prominent commissioners from RunYourPool and OfficeFootballPool, as well as collaborations with industry partners like Fantasy Pros, Playmaker, All City Sports, and Betsperts.

Splash Inc., the parent company of Splash Sports, acquired RunYourPool and Office Football Pool in 2021. Over time, it has evolved into one of the largest entertainment-only gaming providers in the US, boasting a user base of over 2.3 million active users. Supported by influential venture firms such as Accomplice, Acies Investments, Elysian Park Ventures, Velvet Sea Ventures, and Boston Seed Capital, along with renowned individuals from the sports and entertainment world, Splash is positioned to make a significant impact in the gaming and entertainment landscape.


Source: prnewswire.com