Shoot 360 Launches The World's First Digitally Connected Basketball Shooting Competition

13 March 2024

Shoot 360, the world's leading immersive basketball training and competition brand launches its latest innovation: Shoot 360 Leagues. This groundbreaking shooting game marks a significant advancement in competitive basketball, seamlessly combining in-person play with a first-of-its-kind virtual competition that allows athletes to compete with others across the globe.

Athletes can now sharpen their skills, engage in competition, and measure their prowess against a diverse player pool, all within the innovative framework of Shoot 360's revolutionary platform. Shoot 360 Leagues represents a new paradigm shift in the world of basketball, bridging the gap between traditional and virtual sports. As the sport continues to evolve, Shoot 360 is leading the charge, empowering players of all levels  to embrace a new era of training and competition.

"By leveraging our cutting-edge training and competition platform, Shoot 360 Leagues provides millions of athletes with a gateway from the sidelines to active participation," said Craig Moody, Shoot 360 Founder & President. "Focused on the exhilarating act of shooting the ball, the Leagues offer players at every skill level an authentic game experience—complete with announcers, real-time scoring, comprehensive team and individual statistics, and leaderboards spanning our expansive Shoot 360 global network."

Shoot 360 Leagues present a global shooting game, bringing players together at Shoot 360 locations worldwide as they vie for top rankings. Teams of three compete both locally and virtually across the Shoot 360 network, engaging in three 15-minute games during scheduled one-hour matches. This structured format ensures efficiency and engagement throughout the competition. Players can track their stats on the Shoot 360 App leaderboards, gaining insights into their performance within their team, league, and across the network. The league spans six weeks, including five weeks of regular season games and one week of playoffs, providing ample opportunity for teams to showcase their skills and compete for the championship title. Interested teams can sign up at Games are played in respective time zones (e.g., 8pm CT vs. 9pm ET),, with three players per team on the court at a time. This innovative approach celebrates skill, precision, athleticism, and teamwork.

"Shoot 360 Leagues isn't just about competition; it's about reimagining the game to create something fun that anyone who wants to play can enjoy," said Bryce White, Shoot 360 Leagues Commissioner. "We invite everyone to test their shooting abilities and create some unforgettable moments on the court playing a game we feel will shape the future of basketball."

To commemorate the inaugural season, Shoot 360 will host "Exhibition Play" days from March 23rd to April 20th. These events offer community members and basketball enthusiasts a chance to experience the facility free-of-charge. Participants can engage in friendly competition, explore innovative training techniques, and immerse themselves in the Shoot 360 environment.

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