Reconstruction of Grand Sports Arena in Moscow estimated at $465m

16 May 2017

The cost of reconstruction of Luzhniki Grand Sports Arena in Moscow amounted to 26.6 billion roubles ($465 million), the head of the Construction Department of Russian capital city, Andrey Bochkarev, told Interfax news agency on Monday.

“As originally planned, builders have kept within the allocated budget funds. Over the course of the construction activities, the amount of money has not been revised, and there were no additional costs from the budget. The total cost of construction, equipment and media systems amounted to 26.6 billion rubles,” – Bochkarev noted.

According to him, that amount has been spent on the reconstruction of the stadium, whereas the rest of the works are conducted on the territory of the complex either at the expense of other budget expenditures, or funded by investors.