Quantum Sports + Entertainment Forms Strategic Partnership with Conversica to Expand Sports Portfolio

12 April 2023

Quantum Sports + Entertainment, an agency delivering results in enterprise solutions, talent management and client representation, announced a strategic partnership with Conversica, Inc., the leading provider of Conversation Automation solutions for enterprise revenue teams. The partnership aims to expand Conversica's footprint in sports, leaning on their insights, knowledge and key industry relationships.

"Conversica's sophisticated solutions are the future of sales and marketing," said Chris Gallagher, President of Quantum Sports + Entertainment. "It is a game-changer for a multitude of campaigns, including annual renewals, new season ticket launches, group sales and seasonal promotions. They have evolved the outdated, cold-calling concept, leading to increased efficiencies, higher closing rates and happier employees with fewer burnouts and turnover rates."

Conversica's Revenue Digital Assistants™ (RDAs) are equipped with Powerfully Human™ AI capabilities built to support Marketing, Sales and Customer Success Teams. They engage leads, prospects and customers in unscripted conversations with authentic, AI-generated web chat, SMS and email. Teams can trust RDAs to execute business objectives autonomously and work alongside their human counterparts, increasing capacity and freeing up time to focus on strategic activities while delivering stellar customer experiences and dramatically growing revenue opportunities.

Conversica has incorporated the latest Generative AI and multiple large language models (LLM) into its solutions for the last three years and recently launched Conversica Chat, the first generally available GPT-powered chat solution for enterprise use. Users can engage in ongoing, personalized interactions that provide relevant information and resources to support them throughout their buying processes, with capabilities that make this technology consumable by companies.

In one year, USL's Louisville City FC has seen 4.56x return on investment using Conversica to follow up with fans who click on season ticket and merchandise links and follow up with former season ticket members and single-ticket buyers to convert them to season packages.

"We are thrilled to partner with Quantum to bring our innovative AI-powered solutions to more sports teams and leagues," said Jeff Bell, Partner Growth Executive at Conversica. "We believe that our human-like communications technology will revolutionize the way they interact with their fans, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this transformation."

Conversica's Revenue Digital Assistants™ (RDAs) supercharge workforces to acquire untapped revenue through perfectly structured conversations. RDAs have learned to influence and persuade customers and prospects throughout the customer journey. Unlike chatbots, Conversica RDAs are Powerfully Human and can hold conversations at every touchpoint to create brand loyalty and maximize every revenue opportunity.

Quantum Sports + Entertainment is focused on delivering measurable results in enterprise solutions, talent management and client representation. Quantum has a deep understanding of what it takes to be successful in the sports and entertainment industry and is backed by an advisory board filled with industry all-stars. Quantum provides the perfect blend of knowledge, insights and action to tackle the most pressing issues our industry is facing.