Part of GISH Memorial Stadium demolished for renovations Memorial Stadium Demolition

3 January 2019

In Grand Island, part of the 71-year-old Memorial Stadium at Grand Island Senior High School was demolished Wednesday. The west stadium is nothing more than some rubble now. What is to come will make Senior High's stadium a lot more modern.

The $17 million project is mostly funded by one alumni Lanny Martin who donated $10 million. He donated the money in honor of his father who was a timekeeper at the school.

The rest is funded by the school district and other donations.

The new building will house locker rooms, concessions, restrooms, and more handicap accessible seating. The east stadium will be updated but not torn down.

“What we're trying to do is get most of the work done through the winter, spring, and summer so that we can have football at the facility starting next fall,” Director of Buildings and Grounds Dan Petsch said.

The school district wants to keep some aspects of the historic stadium on the east side.

“So everybody sports-wise is getting something out of this project” Petsch said. “Also it benefits others because we got new turf that the band and some of those folks use.”

The school has already worked to connect the campus to the stadium as part of the project by closing College Street. So students no longer have to cross the street to get to the field.