North Buncombe kicks off 2018 football season with fresh stadium turf

25 July 2018

The mountain high school football season is little more than three weeks away, and one area school gets a whole new look.

The North Buncombe Blackhawks are just about to take the field on this state-of-the-art artificial surface.

Crews are in the process of the final installation, with some of the work occasionally interrupted by all this rain we're having.

The school district says updated turf technology is sorely needed, and that there are also other standout features the fans will love.

"We do better now with the graphics now than we did a few years ago, when the first rotation of turf went in in 2005. The color schemes, I think we're a little more experienced with that. It really pops out, it's eye-catching," said District Athletic Specialist David Ball.

North Buncombe is one of two area high schools getting new stadium surfaces.
At Enka, installation is also underway, with both surfaces expected to be finished before opening kick-offs on August 17.