New Youth Sports Complex Coming To Corpus Christi

20 October 2016

A new multi-million dollar youth sports complex will soon be making it's way to Corpus Christi.

The City Council has cleared the way for the company to begin construction for the complex.

The plan is to build the complex on a 68-acre site near the Crosstown extension and FM 43.

Tuesday council members approved a 40-year lease agreement with the developer, SQH Sports & Entertainment.

The 25-million-dollar youth sports complex would include baseball, football, and soccer fields along with basketball and volleyball courts.

Council members say the complex will help generate revenue from tourists by opening the door for tournaments to come to Corpus Christi.

Although the City Council seems to be pleased with their decision, some residents have some questions and concerns about the company.

Local resident John Kelley says, "We have a group here that's presenting this who can point to zero facilities that they have built and operated themselves before of this type."

Kelley also questions the location of the complex due to it's proximity to airports used by the Navy.

The city responded to that concern insisting that all necessary protections for pilots are in place.

SQH Sports & Entertainment says the complex will take about two years to complete.


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