New sports arena to officially open next week

25 November 2016

RENOVATION WORK to the York Sports Centre on Heslington West is nearing completion. Final touches are being made to the £2.2m investment.

The centrepiece of the project, the new sports hall, opened for use earlier this month. The impressive new structure boasts 65 per cent more playing space than the previous building. The hall will be utilised by a number of sports clubs, including futsal, volleyball, netball, badminton and basketball.

The improved facilities will be officially opened next Monday following the completion of the team tunnel, a new feature at the sports centre that will be emblazoned with black and gold, welcoming teams into the arena.

York Sport President Isaac Beevor is looking forward to the additions being made to the sports centre. He said, “what is exciting is the little touches that will go into it. We have a branded team tunnel and lobby which means that clubs that come here know that this is the home of sport at York”.

Construction work at the sports centre was expected to be completed by the start of this academic year. Demolition of the previous structure at the sports centre occurred in May, meaning that total construction time has exceeded seven months.

Improvements to the sports centre are part of a wider range of projects currently being undertaken on campus. Vice-Chancellor Koen Lamberts said: “this new investment will create a number of natural campus hubs for students to be able to work, both independently and as a team, in a vibrant and creative space. Our campus is designed to encourage collaboration and bring students together to share ideas and support each other as they progress through their studies.