New plan and new sport proposed for Qualcomm site

24 February 2017

Developer Doug Manchester has unveiled a new stadium plan for the Qualcomm stadium site.The proposal includes room for Aztecs football, NFL, MLS and now NBA.

Just days ago, FS Investors unveiled their plans for the Qualcomm site.It entails demolishing Qualcomm and building a state-of-the-art soccer venue instead.

In addition, there would be 55 acres of parkland, thousands of residential and student housing units, office space and two hotels - all without using taxpayer money.But, according to the union tribune - that plan now has some competition from developer Doug Manchester.

Manchester is reportedly working on a proposal to remodel Qualcomm Stadium for professional soccer, football and the Aztecs; build an NBA sports arena; and provide for a lower-density housing and commercial development.

By phone, stadium architect Dan Meis told CBS News 8 remodeling the existing stadium is feasible."There are lots of examples of stadiums much older and much worse shape that are renovated as new stadiums," Meis said.  

Meis, who has seen the Qualcomm site, and consulted with the stadium advisory committee in the past says not only can Qualcomm be renovated, but it's also much more cost effective to do so.

"Its always going to come down to cost of renovating versus cost of building new," said Meis. "But I've argued you can certainly renovate Qualcomm for less than the billion dollars plus we are seeing for a new stadium."