New LED Lights Installed at Kauffman Stadium

29 December 2017

Kauffman Stadium has received a significant upgrade, as the Kansas City Royals have installed LED lighting for the 2018 season and beyond.

Following the completion of the 2017 regular season, it was learned that the Royals would install new LED field lighting at Kauffman Stadium. As part of that process, more than 600 halide lights were removed in favor of the installation of 412 LED lights.

That process began on Wednesday, with crews using a helicopter during the installation process. As far as the Royals are concerned, the switch to LED lighting has the potential to enhance the experience at Kauffman Stadium. More from The Kansas City Star:

With the temperature in single digits, the project couldn’t have been much fun to complete. But on Wednesday morning, helicopters began picking up sections of the lights from the parking lot at the Truman Sports Complex and moving them to each tower.

“We don’t know that it will be noticeable for the average fan, but it will be a big deal for the players and umpires,” Toby Cook, the Royals’ vice president of publicity, told The Star in October. “The big deal with LEDs, I’m told, is that we can turn them off and on with a push of a button.”

This is not the only notable ballpark improvement that the Royals have been working on this offseason. Along with the new LED lighting, Kauffman Stadium is receiving an enhanced playing surface.