Nashville gets new soccer team, stadium in Antioch

7 April 2017

One year ahead of the USL team that starts playing in 2018, Nashville is getting an early start to competitive soccer.

A new club has formed named Inter Nashville FC, and it already has a stadium ready to go.A newly-built, 4,000-seat stadium has been privately funded in Antioch and will play host to all the club’s home games.The goal of this club is to offer entertainment and build relationships with the local community.

“We want Inter Nashville FC to be Nashville’s community soccer club and by owning and operating our facility, it gives us a great platform to offer lots of soccer programs to the local population,” explained head coach Richard Askey. “We offer programs for players as young as three and four, while also having leagues for over 40s, so you can play with us your whole sporting life.

He continued, “Our club motto is: ‘We rise as one,’ which encapsulates our core aim of giving opportunities to all people, as well as being a driving force in the development and growth of Antioch and Nashville.”

Some of the players joined Inter Nashville FC after the old club disbanded. They say they’re happy to have a new home.

“Vanderbilt was an amazing stadium but at the same time it was a little big, so it looks a lot different when it’s that large. So to have a stadium like this a little smaller, a little more close to home, the fans are gonna be right on top of you, right on top of the other team as well, so it’s gonna be really cool just to have a packed house and it’s gonna look just amazing when we get the fans out,” said goalie Hayden Coffman.

Inter Nashville FC begins the NPSL competition Sunday at 3 p.m.