Myocene Announces a Successful Completion of a Bridge Round

30 May 2023

Myocene, the Belgian-based sportstech company, has completed a bridge round of 2M€ in order to finalize a market-ready product, expected mid-2024.

Myocene is a Liège-based start-up that has developed a device for objectifying and measuring muscle fatigue. This innovation, designed for top-level athletes, represents a veritable revolution in the world of sports. Muscular fatigue is a fundamental parameter closely linked to sporting performance. Despite the major importance of muscular fatigue and the wealth of scientific knowledge on the subject, until now there has been no way of measuring it objectively, accurately and quickly. In this respect, the Myocene device represents a major step forward, enabling elite athletes to better design their training, avoid overtraining and reduce accidents linked to the loss of strength and speed secondary to long-term muscular fatigue.

“Since its presentation in the autumn of 2021," says CEO Jean-Yves Mignolet, "over thirty clubs with top-level athletes have been able to test our device. Four hundred and fifty athletes used it during their training sessions and some six thousand measurements were taken, enabling us to refine our device and improve the protocols for its use, while confirming the excellent reliability of the data collected."

The €2M fund-raising that the Walloon company has just completed with the participation of Wallonie Entreprendre, Noshaq and the historical founders, part in capital and part in a convertible loan, will be used to prepare the "Go to Market product"; in other words, to design a device that is ready for industrialization and meets the expectations of its market.

“The Myocene device represents a profound change in the way high-level athletes are monitored," adds Dr Pierre Rigaux, Chairman and Founder. “The tests we have carried out over the past year have enabled us to raise awareness of our technology, and the recognized reliability of our first prototype means we can look forward to its industrialization with confidence. We are delighted to have just raised €2 million, in a difficult environment for this kind of exercise, and we expect Myocene to be launched on the market in mid-2024, a launch for which we now have the highest hopes," he concludes.

About Myocene
Myocene® is a Liège-based sports technology company which creates unique and innovative devices for measuring muscle fatigue and performance. Thanks to patented algorithms and AI, the Myocene measurement represents a real breakthrough for athletes.

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