Medicat Expands Mental Health Solution to Support Major League Baseball

27 July 2023

Medicat, the #1 provider of electronic health records software in college health, is thrilled to announce its expansion into supporting the mental health of professional sports teams. Medicat has partnered with a major league baseball team to provide comprehensive EHR software to securely manage the team's mental health initiatives. Services are accessible to major league players, minor league players, and team staff.

Openly discussing mental health has not always been the norm in professional sports. However, in the early 2000's, mental health took center stage in the MLB when multiple players placed themselves on the "disability list" due to mental health challenges. This growing trend ignited a reckoning within the league, and ultimately led many teams to enhance their mental health offerings for athletes.

As a trusted provider of EHR solutions for educational institutions, Medicat brings a wealth of expertise in supporting mental health and well-being. By expanding its solutions to professional sports, Medicat aims to address the growing challenges faced by athletes at the highest level of competition.

"Today's announcement marks an exciting milestone for Medicat as we venture into the professional sports market," said Adam Cole, Medicat's CEO. "By integrating evidence-based practices and collaborating with mental health professionals, we're helping athletes thrive. This solution will have a significant impact on the performance and well-being of professional athletes."

Key benefits include customizable notes and treatment plans, as well as secure patient communications. Ultimately, the solution empowers teams to proactively manage mental health to support athlete wellbeing.

Anyone responsible for the mental health of professional athletes is encouraged to explore Medicat's comprehensive counseling solutions. To learn more, visit