Maysa Arena Expansion Nearing Completion

14 October 2016

Construction crews are working to finish the addition to Maysa Arena. The light-up sign just outside Minot's hockey center says 'Building a More Amazing Maysa Arena', and, inside, that's just what crews are doing.

“Welcome to the new Maysa Arena!” said Jarrod Olson, the Operations Director for the Minot Park District.

This third ice rink on the east end of the complex will become the new home for Minot's hockey teams. It offers 1,800 seats and 300 standing-room spots, opening up 600 to 700 news spots for the fans on game day.

“The current east rink that the teams are playing on was set up for youth hockey. This one is set up for varsity-level games, great sight lines, the seating, the LED lighting, upgraded dehumidification,” Olson said.

The seats will offer better sight lines for the fans. There's a brand new centralized scoreboard and even a new Zamboni.

They've also installed a more flexible paneling along the rink, aimed at improving safety when players crash into the boards.

“All the studies right now are proving that this type of board system will help prevent injury and concussions,” Olson said.

The expansion, which comes in at $10.9 million, follows nearly a decade of efforts from Olson and others. More than half of the funding comes from boosters and donors, with the rest from the city and park district.

“"I think it'll just be a great asset to the Minot community, and, again, that's what we're doing it for. We're doing it for the kids, we're doing it for the Minot community. And hopefully we'll be able to bring in bigger and better events,” Olson said.

Bringing the thrill of Minot hockey into the 21st century.

Olson said the park district will hold a soft open to the public once the facility is completed in the next month.

They will also celebrate the first hockey game in the new arena with a ceremony.

The current east rink will still be used for practices.

You can find out more information about Maysa Arena and public skating hours and fees by visiting the Minot Parks website.


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