MatSing Lens Antennas Deployed to Deliver Enhanced Network Capacity at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas

9 February 2024

MatSing, the pioneer and innovator of high-capacity lens antenna technology, today announced increased coverage and capacity at the Allegiant Stadium with the deployment of 30 multibeam lens antennas to add to the 30 lens antennas already deployed at the venue. The newly expanded network of lens antennas has been deployed and integrated into the high performance network at the venue by DAS Group Professionals (DGP) to support the influx of fans for large scale games, events, and festivities.'

“We’re thrilled to continue serving the Allegiant Stadium technology team and DGP by enhancing connectivity and appropriately scaling the capacity required for games and events throughout the year,” said Bo Larsson, MatSing CEO. “Working with DGP, we had a highly successful initial deployment at the venue, and now with this additional deployment we are pleased to provide a multi-band, including C-Band, and multi-carrier connectivity for the fans and patrons both inside and outside the venue.”

As over 65,000 people attend games and events at Allegiant Stadium, they will now experience unparalleled mobile connectivity and be able to stream special moments and performances to social media channels. As MatSing continues to support Allegiant Stadium and DGP, fans and patrons are sure to experience game days and events like never before.