MANSCAPED® Partners With German Football Club Rot-Weiss Essen

13 October 2023

MANSCAPED®, the global men’s grooming company and lifestyle consumer brand, today announces its partnership with German football club, Rot-Weiss Essen, a beloved team competing in the 3. Liga and claiming the second largest audience in the league. With well over a hundred years of history, the red and white will now have the razor-sharp backing of the black and gold as they vie for a spot in the Bundesliga 2 division.

"When we evaluate new partnerships, we look for organizations with deep-rooted connection to their community and a high potential for growth on and off the field,” said Lucas Coyle, Senior Manager of Global Marketing at MANSCAPED. “Rot-Weiss Essen may have been a sleeping giant for the past few seasons, but the giant has woken up and we are thrilled to partner with and support them during their exciting trajectory."

“I am very proud to see Rot-Weiss Essen working alongside MANSCAPED and look forward to seeing how this very exciting partnership progresses throughout the season and beyond,” said Timo Brauer, former captain, current employee, and club legend of Rot-Weiss Essen. “In Germany, our club is well known for its passionate fans, iconic stadium, and former successes - including winning the German championship and cup trophy. It brings me great joy to be introducing Rot-Weiss Essen to American football enthusiasts as both the club and the sport continue to grow. I would also like to give a very special thank you to Moritz Ernst, CEO of ERNST+CO Sportmarketing, for getting us in touch with MANSCAPED and ultimately giving us the opportunity to pursue this mutually beneficial partnership.”

The partnership commenced on Saturday, September 16, in Rot-Weiss Essen’s home stadium, Stadion an der Hafenstraße, located in Essen’s bustling borough of Bergeborbeck. The team battled Jahn Regensburg – a match resulting in a draw – following three wins in their previous four matches. With plenty of competition remaining in the season, and their esteemed captain, Felix Bastians, at the helm, the club will have MANSCAPED’s full support in a variety of activations. Just some elements of the partnership include LED presence, a permanent banner on the team’s homepage, as well as digital activations and co-branded promotion via social media, newsletters, and merchandising.

MANSCAPED, known globally as a marketing powerhouse with unforgettable ads and iconic brand partners, continues to strategically focus on high-impact partnerships that benefit everyone, from sports team giants to young football fans tuning in to a match on TV. This marriage, like MANSCAPED’s first German football partnership with SV Wehen Wiesbaden, is a prime example of that proven and all-in philosophy. Watch the partnership come to life now throughout Germany on Free to Air TV.