MaintenX Readies Sports Facilities for Aspiring Olympians

15 February 2018

This February, sports fans across the globe will tune in to watch the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. Athletes from all over the world will hit a global stage equipped with some of the finest athletic facilities available. Yet, every one of these Olympic athletes began outside of the Olympic realm. Many athletes take classes at local recreation and community centers to train. Facility managers of these types of sports complexes should take pride in knowing they provide facilities for the future class of Olympians.

“Sports are an amazing unifier,” said Bill Schaphorst, MaintenX’s VP of Business Development. “Bringing children – and adults – together in a sports environment helps build confidence, communication skills, and leadership abilities. Sports complex facility managers hold a special role in creating the right environment for those things to happen.”

For more than 35 years, MaintenX International has been helping sports facility managers with their maintenance needs. Here are some helpful tips to create the right environment for your neighborhood’s athletes:

1.    Have a Game Plan: Just as athletes warm up to prevent injury, facility managers can perform preventative maintenance to reduce the chances of a major breakdown in facility function. Particularly in athletic facilities, preventative maintenance can help prevent injury. For example, regularly finishing basketball courts and caring for practice fields can keep athletes from unnecessarily slipping or tripping.

2.    Root for the Home Team: One of the most enjoyable things about being an athlete is hearing the crowd cheer for your efforts. Ensuring spectators have easy access to safe viewing areas can keep everyone out of harm’s way. It’s important that stadium seating is sturdy and secure. Viewing areas should be a safe distance away from play zones to keep off-course players or stray balls from injuring spectators.

3.    Court, Field, Pitch, Mound: With a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces to maintain, including common facilities like restrooms, concession stands, and lockers, it can pose a challenge to maintain each space to the proper level. It is critical to inspect each playing field before every contest. Look for debris, holes, uneven or cracked seams, or divots that may injure a player, coach, referee, or spectator.

4.    Three Strikes, You’re Out: With the vast amount of expertise and time necessary to properly maintain an athletic facility, you may need extra hands. Don’t lose business because you’re unable to keep up with facility demands. Professional maintenance providers, like MaintenX, can assist you with one time repairs, or become a part of your larger team by executing a personalized maintenance plan.