Madison approves Hoar Construction bid for new stadium

19 September 2018

Today the City of Madison announced that Hoar Construction will be the company moving forward with building the new home for the Rocket City Trash Pandas.

According to Council President, Tommy Overcash, out of nine pre-bidders, Hoar Construction, was the best option for the city.

"They have done, particularly the one awarded has done a stadium or two and huge projects like this," he said.

The overall cost of the project at this point in time is approximately $39 million. The city says this includes the construction of the stadium and the "soft costs" that go with it. The city would like to spend no more than $46 million when it's all said and done.

Mayor Paul Finely said he was satisfied with the bid number. He expects the budget to stay within their expectations.
"Awarding it today around that number is something that we're excited about and looking forward to moving forward with," Mayor Finely said.

The city is meeting with Hoar Construction this Thursday to discuss plans of a timeline. Next Monday the council will have a Second reading discussing Licensing and Management Agreements associated with BallCorps, LLC.