LootMogul, the innovative Sports Metaverse platform, is now the Official Cricket Metaverse Gaming Partner for Durban Super Giants

23 January 2024

As cricket fever grips South Africa, India, and the rest of the world with the ongoing SA20 League, LootMogul is thrilled to partner with Durban's Super Giants and expand its sports portfolio with the addition of cricket, the world's second-most popular game after soccer.

This collaboration marks a significant step for LootMogul, a fast-growing sports web3 gaming and e-commerce platform. With this partnership, LootMogul is paving the way for a future where fans can seamlessly blend their love for the sport with the thrill of interactive gaming and the potential to win exciting rewards.

"We are absolutely delighted to join hands with the Durban Super Giants, a powerhouse team in the SA20, as their official Metaverse and Gaming Partner.

This partnership aims to deliver an unparalleled fan experience by offering exciting cricket and trivia games on dsg.lootmogul.com. Passionate fans can now win exclusive merchandise, player memorabilia, premium stadium tickets, and even cash prizes by showcasing their cricketing knowledge and competitive spirit.

Collaborating with a team like the Durban Super Giants opens doors to providing high-value-added services for both fans and their business partners. We're confident that this collaboration will be mutually beneficial, fostering innovation and engagement within the SA20 ecosystem."  said Raj Rajkotia, LootMogul Founder.

With this new development, sports and entertainment brands can now own and open virtual stores inside digital twins of real-world assets, aka sports stadiums. This is a huge step forward for LootMogul and the sports industry.

"We are thrilled to announce our partnership with LootMogul as a sponsor for Durban's Super Giants team in the SA20. This collaboration represents a perfect synergy between sports and technology, and we are excited to join forces with LootMogul.

Together, we look forward to achieving great success both on and off the field, bringing innovation and excitement to our fans and the broader community. " said Satyam Trivedi, Deputy CEO of Durban's Super Giants.

As the SA20 season unfolds, the Durban Super Giants and LootMogul promise to deliver an unparalleled cricket experience, both in the virtual and physical fields.

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