LootMogul and SuperWorld Join Forces: Revolutionizing the Sports Metaverse in Real World Locations

21 April 2023

LootMogul, an artificially intelligent (AI) driven sports metaverse platform created by athletes for athletes partners with SuperWorld, a virtual world mapped onto the physical world – where sports fans and athletes can create, discover and monetize content and experiences anywhere in the real-world locations on Earth.

LootMogul is an athlete-led Web3 Gaming and E-commerce platform that is powered by multi-player blockchain mini-games, meta shops for brands and athletes, training academies, and digital collectibles with In-Real-Life (IRL) rewards. With monetization-first strategies and simplistic Web3 onboarding approach, LootMogul has scaled to 312 brand ambassadors with a reach of 104 Million.

SuperWorld is a virtual world mapped onto the real world that grants users the ability to create, discover, and monetize content (3D, 2D, audio) in real-world locations. SuperWorld's virtual real estate platform allows users to buy virtual real estate anywhere on Earth and become key stakeholders in real-world locations by being able to activate monetization from digital commerce, e-commerce, gaming, advertising, decentralized finance, and analytics.

"We truly believe mass adoption of Web3 is going to come through gaming & e-commerce. Sports fans, brands, and athletes have tremendous power to drive engagement and retention in Web3. As a platform, we need to provide all the necessary tools and capabilities to make this happen. We are very impressed with the SuperWorld platform and Hrish Lotlikar's team to provide capabilities for the LootMogul community. We will be hosting live local Web3 sports gaming events and digital collectibles with SuperWorld along with providing all users capabilities to create and find user-generated Web3 content like Pokémon GO did in the legacy gaming world. This will be a huge step for us in entering the Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality Web3 gaming space," said Raj Rajkotia, CEO and Founder of LootMogul.

"We are thrilled to partner with LootMogul, an innovative sports metaverse platform. This collaboration perfectly aligns with SuperWorld's vision of connecting people, brands, and experiences through immersive technology, Web3, and AI. By joining forces, we can empower athletes, fans, and brands to discover and engage in unique, immersive experiences and unlock new opportunities in virtual and mixed-reality gaming in real-world locations anywhere on Earth. We believe this partnership will pave the way for the future of sports and entertainment in the metaverse," said Hrish Lotlikar, Co-Founder & CEO, SuperWorld.

LootMogul, an artificially intelligent (AI) driven sports metaverse platform created by athletes for athletes launches a new ownership model allowing sports fanatics to own a piece of the company for as little as $100 through an equity crowdfunding campaign - https://republic.com/lootmogul

SuperWorld allows anyone to buy virtual real estate in real-world locations on Earth and become a stakeholder in places they love so they can activate monetization from gaming, digital commerce, advertising, e-commerce, and decentralized finance; plots are available on map.superworldapp.com