LootMogul and Starzz Partners: Expanding the community offering for sports fans both in Europe & America

13 June 2023

LootMogul is an artificially intelligent driven sports metaverse platform created by athletes for athletes partners with Starzz.

LootMogul platform offers sports fans & brands engagement through multi-player blockchain mini-games, meta shops for brands and athletes, training academies, and digital collectibles with In-Real-Life (IRL) rewards. With monetization-first strategies & simplistic Web3 onboarding approach, LootMogul has scaled to 312 brand ambassadors with a reach of 104 Million.

Starzz's groundbreaking project endeavors to enhance the relationship between Champions (clubs, athletes, celebrities, content creators) and their communities by merging the Supporterzz.com Platform and offering several unique services for the ultimate fan experience.

The ecosystem encompasses a marketplace for merchandise, NFTs, ticketing, streaming, metaverse, marketing services, social media, polls, and reward and incentive schemes.

"Mass adoption of Web3 gaming & e-commerce with real-life products, experiences, and engagement requires partnering across the globe with key communities. Starzz is building that in Europe with global reach. We are thrilled to partner with the Starzz team and expand our global community reach" - Raj Rajkotia, CEO and Founder of LootMogul

"Our focus is on improving fan experiences and for us the metaverse is an essential part of that. We are therefore incredibly proud to have Lootmogul as a strong partner that enables our globally distributed fans and champions to interact with each other in the Metaverse." - Marco Kowalewski, CEO and Founder of Starzz