Leicester City announce 'additional security measures' for Manchester United match

Friday, Nov 27, 2015

Leicester City will continue with its enhanced security measures for the Manchester United match this weekend in the wake of the Paris attacks.

However, King Power Stadium's post-Paris security crackdown is going to be bad news for smokers from tomorrow onwards.

As well as introducing "enhanced searches" for people entering the stadium, no one will be allowed readmission, which means people will not be able to go out to smoke.

Cliff Ginetta, chairman of the supporters club, said: "A pint, football and a fag are just part of the game for a lot of people so I think it will be a big problem for smokers.

"I don't smoke myself but quite a few people like to go out at half time to smoke.

"But if that's the security situation we'll have to live with it."

The club said on its webpage: "Leicester City will seek cooperation from those attending Saturday's fixture against Manchester United, as we continue to make the safety of supporters at King Power Stadium our greatest priority.

"Supporters are advised to arrive early to allow time for additional security measures.

"The club asks for supporters' cooperation with a strict no readmission policy, meaning exits will not be opened to access smoking areas at any time.

"Supporters are reminded that King Power Stadium is a no smoking venue, including e-cigarettes."

The new rules will be in place for the foreseeable future.

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